Double glazing glass installation

Double glazing glass installation

Chehelsoton Iran is perfect in many types well-known double glazed glass.

In the center of the glass rabbet, regularly drop some elastomeric sealant, on the vertical part of the window .

Carefully add it to the frame. Be aware that double glazing is much heavier. Center the insulating glass as best you can. If need be, ask for someone else to help.

It is very important to correctly fix your double glazing, if required you can use shims provided by the manufacturer. Measurements should be strictly the same length, otherwise the double glazing will force the window frame to change shape, given its weight.

Chehelsoton Iran, in order to make it stick to the sealant. Do not use traditional putty, like linseed oil, as it is much less sticky than the elastomeric silicone sealant, and may not withstand the weight of the double glazing.

Attach the double glazing by planting spikes around the jamb of the window. Above them, replace the glazing if you still have room in the rabbet. If not, add some sealant that you’ll have to cover with nails on the window frame. If there’s still some free space, add some more sealant that you’ll spread out with moistened fingers.

Replace the window opening on its hinges.