Sarai aluminum door and window profiles

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ACPA aluminum door and window profiles

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AsaŞ aluminum door and window profiles

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Aluminum double glazed window

In the last decade, a new type of profile for the production of aluminum double-glazed doors and windows was designed exclusively and with precise technical-engineering calculations by experts and engineers of the aluminum double-glazed doors and windows, which despite its delicate elegance and durability due to special light engineering design. And due to the use of special parts and fittings in the double glazed aluminum window does not need to be reinforced with reinforcement. Today, old systems such as ST and Krent, which were common in the past, are obsolete due to lack of complete and beautiful aeration, and consultants to architects and building engineers to optimize fuel consumption and aesthetics of the facade, emphasizing the replacement of new proprietary systems instead. They have old systems.

In the old systems, the sections of the vertical and horizontal elements of the double-glazed aluminum window were different from each other, which as a result had a great impact on the beauty and airtightness of the window.

In general, aluminum is a recyclable, light, durable, durable, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly human body, which has been considered for a long time due to its special features and capabilities, as it is now in various industries. Used in the aerospace industry for power cables, in the production of composite sheets of aluminum double-glazed doors and windows, and in glass facades.

Thermal break aluminum window profiles
Thermal break aluminum window profiles are profiles that are composed of two separate sections of aluminum profiles that are connected by polyamide blades. Polyamide has its mechanical properties at high temperatures and against chemicals, water and radiation. He maintains. High strength and long life are other advantages of polyamide blades. The polyamide blade in the thermal break aluminum window profile prevents heat transfer from one surface to another. The result of using thermal break aluminum window profiles is to prevent the transfer of cold and heat from the outer wall to the inner wall and vice versa.

Normal aluminum window profile
Normal aluminum window profiles are aluminum window profiles with all the features mentioned about aluminum, which do not have polyamide parts and have less insulating properties compared to the thermal type. They also have less durability compared to thermal break aluminum window profiles.

Aluminum window features

Aluminum window frames Aluminum frames are more durable than frames made of wood or iron and UP, as well as cheaper. And has a lower rate of contraction and expansion compared to the mentioned material. Also, aluminum windows are resistant to discoloration, sunlight, rain, air pollution and dust, and are non-flammable. Aluminum windows Double glazed windows are competitive with stainless steel or fiberglass in terms of moisture resistance, aluminum doors and double glazed windows. Aluminum double glazed windows and doors are also considered as good sound and heat insulation. Aluminum double glazed windows are thermal insulation up to 60% against heat and cold. All of these factors increase the lifespan of an aluminum window, and these factors save the price difference between an aluminum double-glazed window and an upvc double-glazed window.
Most aluminum frames are sold with an oxide coating. This coating is able to eliminate the problem of corrosion and perforation of the frame, which makes the profile frame safe from moisture. Therefore, aluminum doors and windows are an ideal choice for exterior doors that must withstand external weather conditions. Also, the frame of wooden doors is not safe against moisture and it can be scratched and corroded in metal.
Power of double glazed aluminum window:
Due to the higher tensile strength, the thinner aluminum frame provides a stronger door compared to other frames. The weight of an aluminum window is one third of that of an iron window. The weight-to-strength ratio is also exceptional.
Easy installation of double glazed aluminum window:
Aluminum double glazed doors and windows are much lighter than regular door frames. The natural light weight of these doors makes it easier to install.
Easy maintenance of double glazed doors:
Easy maintenance and protection of aluminum double glazed windows and doors. Such frames can be cleaned regularly with a damp sponge. There is usually no need for regular painting or painting to maintain the appearance of the aluminum surface.
Beauty and color variety of double glazed windows:
Aluminum doors and windows have a very high variety of colors and also have a high beauty in anodized windows.

Five things you need to know about double glazed aluminum windows for your home:

1. Design selection
Not all homes look the same, and this is reflected in the choice of designs for the aluminum windows that are now available:

Types of Casual Double Glazed Aluminum Windows:
These windows open outwards from their hinges on either side up or down, and are probably the most commonly used window design. Hinged windows can be seen everywhere with a variety of property styles, from a country cottage to a state-of-the-art design. Hinged windows that open from the top and bottom are sometimes called canopy windows and funnel windows, respectively.

Sash window: These windows are one of the favorite styles in older styles. Many pre-World War II and pre-British homes (those built during the Edwardian and Victorian eras) used sash windows. How to open this design is that it should be pulled up or down inside the window frame. Horizontal sash windows are alternatives. The conventional configuration of these windows has two parts, which include the upper and lower parts inside an external frame. Single sash windows open only from the top, while double sash windows can open from both sections.

French window: French windows are a kind of hinged design with a special style. These classic windows are a pair of hinged windows next to each other inside an outer frame. This frame can be installed with or without a central beam.

Tilt & turn window: This window is another type of hinged window, with the difference that this hinged window can be opened in two different ways. The first method is similar to a regular hinged window, although it opens inwards. The second method is by tilting the open section. This window is able to bend into the room, which provides significant ventilation without the need to fully open the window. To open or tilt, a handle is used that moves in different directions to guide its operation.

In addition to visual design, the use of aluminum in the frame has other advantages. Because aluminum is a metal and has a high structural strength, it can also be used in thinner frames. This feature simplifies the design of windows and ultimately makes them more orderly and elegant. Aluminum can also be used for wider frames, which is why it is a perfect choice for something like a large window image.

2. Energy efficiency
Aluminum is widely used for its good conductivity properties, which can be problematic for a double-glazed window. However, this possible defect has been addressed by engineering a thermal gap in the frame design.

The outer frame is separated from the inner frame by a polyamide slot, which insulates each section relative to the other. This heat gap stops the transfer of heat and cold from one side of the window frame to the other.

This slot also has a side effect that allows the use of different materials for the inner frame. This has resulted in windows with aluminum exterior frames and interior frames of UPVC types.

The sections or profiles of the frames are also multi-walled. These walls not only reduce flexibility, but also trap air inside the frame, which itself acts as an insulating factor.

Another option is to use wooden windows with aluminum cladding. These windows are made of engineered wooden frames inside an aluminum outer frame. This leads to a window that is made of wood on the inside and wood and aluminum on the outside.

Double glazing is also an important element for energy efficiency in aluminum windows.

You will probably find 18 or 20 mm glass units mounted in a standard window. This means that you have 2 x 4 mm thick glass at a distance of 10 or 12 mm. The highest energy rate for windows is A ++ and it uses a 20 mm gap with a total thickness of 28 mm.

In the gap between the plates, you can substitute air for noble gases, such as argon, krypton or xenon. Argon contains only about 60% of the heat transfer fluids of air and krypton, only 50% of argon. However, you will find gas-filled units, especially xenon, much more expensive.

3. Color and texture
One of the advantages of using aluminum windows is the wide range of color choices. Some manufacturers have more than RAL 200 powder in their catalog. If you combine this number with the final wood texture, as well as the fact that you can have one color inside and one color outside, you will end up with an almost unlimited choice of colored aluminum windows.

Color and texture of double glazed aluminum window The most popular type of output is to powder the coating of the frames with a single color. This is done by applying paint in powder form. The final coating is electrically charged to adhere to the aluminum and then, heat-treated to chemically bond to the surface, giving a non-blurring result with an extremely hard coating.

4. Safety and security
Having beautiful windows is one thing, but if they are not safe They are a waste of money. Modern double glazed aluminum windows have a number of security features.

First, the use of two panes of glass laminated by a layer of gas or air makes these windows much more difficult to break than single-pane windows. Even if one of those plates is strong, it is still very difficult to break them. If a targeted and decisive attack is carried out in order to succeed, it will cause a lot of noise, which, in fact, will in another way deter thieves.

Insulation is done from the inside as standard and, as a result, prevents extraction from the outside. Because windows are made of metal, they are stronger than wood or UPVC.

Aluminum frames are much more impact resistant than wood or UPVC.

Window handles are attached to the locks and are located at different points throughout the frame. This multi-point locking process ensures that the window stays locked or closed when it is locked or closed.
Locking double glazed aluminum windows

5. Price of aluminum windows
How much do aluminum windows cost?

If you want a cheap double glazed window, aluminum windows are not the windows you should look for.

Because the manufacturing process is more complex, aluminum double glazed windows are usually more expensive than soft wood and UPVC windows. However, they can be compared to hardwood windows.

Why use aluminum for double glazed windows?
There are many good reasons to use aluminum in the construction of window frames.

Structural strength: This means that you can have finer frames than wood or UPVC. The more glass, the smaller the frame. It also allows for wider and taller frames to be used so you can have a wider range of design options. Aluminum frames can be used wherever wood or UPVC is not suitable.

Durability: Aluminum does not fade like wood or UPVC and does not change color like some UPVC frames.
Low maintenance: There is not much to do to take care of aluminum windows other than keeping them clean.
Durability: Aluminum double glazed windows can last for decades. Aluminum frames are not greatly affected by the environment and are not damaged by insects, so they can look great for a long time.
Environmentally friendly: Aluminum can be easily recycled many, many times. Compared to the production of base metal, recycling costs less financially as well as energy.
One of the most important advantages of aluminum over UPVC or wood windows is the strength of the structure.

Installation of aluminum double glazed windows
Aluminum window frames can be much thinner than wood or UPVC and give your home a sleek, sleek look. Nothing looks worse than a large frame wrapped around a small area of ​​glass.

This advantage is more pronounced for wider or taller open spaces.

What are the benefits of aluminum?

Modern aluminum windows that are thermally efficient are a cost-effective and beautiful way to replace wood or older PVC units.

With hundreds of styles of aluminum windows to order, our wide range includes an architectural window system that integrates well with our other aluminum products.

But what are the benefits of aluminum windows? In recent years, the popularity of aluminum windows has increased for many reasons.

Beyond all levels of energy efficiency, our products have capabilities such as low maintenance requirements, high durability, cost-effectiveness and exceptional flexibility in design and completion. They also have a lifespan of more than 45 years, which makes them a good investment.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in producing high-performance smart aluminum windows, and we pride ourselves on providing aluminum windows and the services that surround you and your busy life.

The goal of our expert and skilled team is to install your new aluminum windows in a few days. However, in some cases it may take longer depending on the scale of the project at hand. Of course, if we anticipate this, we will let you know before starting the installation process.

We also recommend a well-stocked aluminum door and window base to ensure that your double-glazed aluminum windows are perfectly seated.

So, if you need help with how to assemble aluminum windows, contact us.

What is the difference between aluminum windows and UPVC windows?
Have you ever considered buying a new double glazed or triple glazed window for your home and have seen companies talk about aluminum and UPVC? It’s not always clear to you what the difference is, right? Well, that’s why we launched this blog to talk about the benefits of each window to help you make an informed choice.

What are the benefits of UPVC windows?
UPVC windows are a great choice if you are looking for double or triple glazed windows to insulate your home. Some of the benefits are:

UPVC windows are very easy to maintain and clean, they will look like a new window by pulling a wet cloth.
UPVC is inherently a warm material, and its multi-walled frames are great for insulation, helping you reduce the cost of your handles during the winter. Windows made of UPVC are generally better thermal insulators than aluminum.
UPVC is a lightweight material that makes UPVC double or triple glazed windows quick and easy to install.
Under good conditions, it can last more than 20 years, which means that your investment will be long-term. Also, they do not lose their color or fade during their lifetime.
We offer artificial wood embossed designs on your windows that make them look beautiful without cost. There is also a variety of colors.
We guarantee all your UPVC windows for several years, because they will not rot, their skin will not peel and they will not warp.
UPVC is cheaper than aluminum.
What are the benefits of aluminum windows?
The above makes UPVC windows very valuable, aren’t they? Of course, there are other unique benefits to aluminum windows that are worth knowing:

Aluminum is stronger than UPVC. This means that aluminum windows can have a finer appearance with a larger glass surface due to the strength of the frames. Because of this, they are popular in commercial and public buildings such as schools, offices and government buildings. If you are looking for a great design in particular, this can be a good advantage for residential homes as well.
Powder-coated aluminum is extremely durable, which means that whatever finish you choose will last for a long time. Aluminum windows can last more than 40 years.
Aluminum windows are environmentally friendly. Aluminum is unlimited recyclable, when you recycle it, new aluminum is made with very high quality, and this process uses only 5% of the energy needed to produce the original metal.
Aluminum has a very high flexibility compared to UPVC, and the range of colors available (including dual colors) is amazing.
Aluminum windows are designed to withstand very unusual conditions and to survive in severe impact tests.
Both options have many advantages, but it remains to be seen whether they will suit your unique needs. Get in touch with us and we will arrange a design consultation for you, where we will talk about all the options available.


In our opinion, aluminum double glazed windows are at the top of the list when it comes to appearance, longevity, ease of care, energy storage and family security.
They are certainly not the cheapest double-glazed windows on the market, but you will get many features and benefits for your money by buying them.
Using a price guide will give you an idea of ​​the approximate costs involved in replacing aluminum windows.
The only way to know the true cost of a project is to have it measured by a professional and then have a written contract that covers all aspects of the job, from supply to installation, and includes all warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can aluminum windows be painted?

Theoretically yes, but since the best looks come from the main output, we do not recommend it. Our windows are powder coated, creating a very hard, durable finish that easily lasts for 40 years or more.

Are aluminum windows energy efficient?

Although aluminum windows are strong and very attractive, their material has a weakness due to its conductivity. At Chehelston, we use years of experience to alleviate this problem. An aluminum window is engineered (to reduce heat transfer) by a polyamide thermal gap, the warm space between the plates and the glass.

Can you install three walls for aluminum windows?

Unfortunately no. Aluminum windows have been developed in recent years to provide sleek and sleek designs. If your property is cold or sensitive to adverse weather conditions, we recommend installing a UPVC triple glazed window.

Are aluminum windows better than UPVC windows?

Aluminum is stronger than UPVC, which means it has a finer cross-sectional aluminum frame and a larger glass surface than UPVC. However, aluminum conducts heat and cold and is therefore not as effective as wood or UPVC, which are better at reducing frame temperature transfer.

Can I have aluminum windows for my property?

If you live in a strictly regulated property, you will need to get an agreement from your local authority to replace any windows. There will be conditional regulations on the type of material, such as wooden frames. Conditions usually replace similar ones. There will also be a number of aluminum windows made for specific features. The first step is to check with your local authorities.