A guide to measuring your old windows for replacement

A guide to measuring your old windows for replacement

Measuring up for new windows is not quite as simple as it sounds. But you do need to get your measurements exactly right otherwise you risk being lumbered with a lovely new window that doesn’t fit.

Here chehelsoton Iran provided some guidelines on how to measure up your home for new windows. But if you’re not sure, it makes sense to get a professional to help you. Chehelsoton Iran is ready to help you in this case.

Use metric

The first rule of thumb is to make sure you take accurate measurements in millimetres. This gives you a finer level of accuracy and means there’s no room for error from the window manufacturer when they have to convert your measurements to metric.

Measure the opening outside

So firstly step outside. You need to take height and width measurements for the brickwork opening. Bear in mind that the height measurements must be from underneath any existing removable windowsill. If your property is rendered, simply take off a little of the render and measure to the brickwork edge.

Measure brick to brick in at least three different places

Remember the opening may not be exactly square so take a minimum of three measurements – top, middle and bottom, for the height and the same again for the width. This means your window manufacturer can get an accurate view of the exact size of the space the finished product will be fitted into. The final width and height measurement the manufacturer will use is the smallest one.

Never measure the old frame

This is a common error and certainly one to avoid. Ignore the old window frame – this is going because it is no longer suitable. Consider the fact that it may well have warped so the last thing you want to do is take measurements from it!

Be sure of your measurementsMake sure you check (and double-check) your measurements so you are 100% sure you have them correctly. This is important because no window manufacturer will accept responsibility for incorrect measurements and you will still have to pay for a window that doesn’t fit. If you are unsure, consult a professional installer or builder and give yourself total peace of mind. It’ll be worth it

Measuring Glass

How to measure your own glass

We get asked this question a lot – “I want to place an order but how do I measure my glass correctly?”

Understanding how to measure your glass is the most important part of ordering your new decorative glass. We use toughened glass for most orders and this type of glass cannot be cut down once it has been toughened so by spending just 10 minutes reading our tips below will ensure that the ordering process runs smoothly. For larger orders we can make a site visit to measure but this will incur high costs to most orders.

We require you to supply us with Glass sizes and the Visible sizes. We do not want Tight’ sizes’. These are all explained below.


If your chosen decorative glass design contains a border or other elements of the design that are located near the edge of the glass, it is very important that you supply us with the ‘visible glass sizes’ as well as the ‘glass size required’.

Some older doors have a very wide bead and this could obstruct some of the pattern/design. It is important that you also supply these dimensions so we can ensure that your design is not obstructed by the frame or beading