Chehelsoton Iran’s customized products for special needs.

Double and multi glazed glass systems

Chehelsoton Iran is a pioneer company in which all sorts of double glazed, triple glazed and multi glazed glass is producing for UPVC, Aluminum and wooden door and window systems.Chehelsoton Iran by using well-known and quality brands of profiles like Vista Best Iran, HOFMANN iran and Wintech iran, tries to satisfy all kinds of customer’s need in Iran and neighbor countries such as Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia ,etc.

Curtain wall façade systems by Chehelsoton Iran

Chehelsoton Iran is producing all known and efficient systems of curtain wall in Iran and ready to export them overseas

Aluminum double glazed door and window

Thermal break and normal types of aluminum window comes to the market for those customers with special needs and design characteristics. Sliding windows, folding, hangs and run are popular types of chehelsoton Iran’s production in aluminum door and window products.